Dong Xi (董襲) (wg: Tung Hsi) styled Yuandai was a courageous Wu kingdom general from Kuaiji who first entered service with Wu under Sun Ce. Dong Xi was supposedly eight feet tall and his warrior skills surpassed many.

During the battle of Wu, he slaughtered Yan Baihu. In the thirteenth year of Jianan [CE 208], Sun Quan led a punitive expedition against Huang Zu. Huang Zu set two ships covered with ox-hide to guard the channel across Miankou, and he had a great rope of coir-palm fibre, with stones attached as anchors. Above all this were a thousand crossbow men to give covering fire. The arrows poured down like rain and the army could not get forward. Dong Xi along with Ling Tong were together in the Van, each in command of a hundred volunteers in double armour. They boarded a great barge, charged the covered ships, and Dong Xi cut the two ropes with his sword.

The main body of the army then advanced. Huang Zu escaped through a gate but was pursued and beheaded by enemy troops. At a great gathering the next day, Sun Quan raised his goblet to Dong Xi saying, “Today’s gathering is to celebrate the achievement of the one who cut the two ropes!”

He participated in numerous Wu battles, and was known for always defeating his enemies, helping defeat Peng Hu who had tens of thousands of followers, for example. at the Battle of Ruxu against Cao Cao, Sun Quan sent Dong Xi to command the “five-storied ship” and station at the mouth of Ruxu. During the night, there was a large storm and the “five storied ship” was about to overturn. His subordinates scattered and fled and pleaded for Dong Xi to come out. Dong Xi replied sternly, “As generals who have received responsibility to get ready to face the rebels, how can anyone flee? Anyone who dares utter this will be beheaded!” And so no one dared to disobey. He died in the battle (circa 212-218), after his ship was defeated, defending it to the last man.