Henry II Curtmantle
File:Henry II of England.jpg
King of the English
Reign 25 October 1154 – 6 July 1189
Coronation 19 December 1154
Predecessor Stephen of Blois
Junior king Henry the Young King
Successor Richard I the Lionheart
Spouse Eleanor of Aquitaine
*William IX, Count of Poitiers
  • Henry the Young King
  • Richard I the Lionheart
  • Geoffrey, Duke of Brittany
  • Matilda, Duchess of Saxony
  • Leonora, Queen of Castile
  • Joan, Queen of Sicily
  • John Lackland
House} House of Plantagenet
Father Geoffrey V, Count of Anjou
Mother Matilda of England
Born March 3rd, 1133
Le Mans, France
Died June 7th, 1189
Chinon, France
Burial Fontevraud Abbey, France