The Kingdom of Hæstingas was a minor component of the Heptarchy.


When Ælle of Sussex came to Britain in 491, he soon forged the Saxon kingdom of Sussex. Soon after Ælle arrived, a Saxon tribe known as the Haestingas appeared in the southeastern region of Sussex. It is believed that they were named so after a chieftain or ruler called Haesta, as in the Old English language, Haestingas means "Haesta's People". Haesta by itself, however, means "violent". The Kingdom of Haestingas was most likely very small, extending only a few leagues from the centre of their kingdom, which became known as "Haestingas" now known under the modern name of Hastings.

In 771, Offa of Mercia conquered all of Sussex, effectively ending the reign of the Haestingas.

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