Westseaxna rīce
Kingdom of Wessex
519–927 30px

Wyvern of Wessex.png<p> Flag

Capital Winchester
Language(s) Old English (Englisc)
Religion Paganism
Government Monarchy
 - 519-534 Cerdic
 - 688-726 Ine
 - 871-899 Ælfrēd the Great
 - 925-927 Æþelstān
Legislature Witan
 - Established 519
 - Unification of England by Athelstan 927
The Kingdom of Wessex (pronounced /ˈwɛsɨks/) or Kingdom of the West Saxons (Old English: Westseaxna rīce) was an Anglo-Saxon kingdom of the West Saxons, in South West England, from the 6th century, until the emergence of a united English state in the 10th century, under the Wessex dynasty. It was to be an earldom after Canute the Great's conquest of 1016, from 1020 to 1066. After the Norman Conquest there was a dissolution of the English earldoms, and Wessex was split among the followers of William the Conqueror.

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