William I "The Conqueror"
King of the English
Reign 25 December 1066 – 9 September 1087
Coronation 25 December 1066
Full name Guillaume de Normandie
Born c. 1027
Falaise, France
Died 9 September 1087
Convent of St. Gervais, Rouen
Buried Saint-Étienne de Caen, France
Predecessor Edgar Ætheling
Successor William II of England
Wife/wives Matilda of Flanders
Issue *Robert "Curthose"
  • Richard
  • Adeliza
  • Cecilia
  • William "Rufus"
  • Agatha
  • Constance
  • Adela
  • Henry "Beauclerc"
Dynasty Norman
Father Robert I "the Magnificent", duke of the Normans
Mother Herlette of Falaise

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